Diverse talent....intimate venue....uplifting theme

What started by celebrating National Poetry Month has blossomed into a night showcasing some of the Lehigh Valley's great poets, musicians, and dancers. All at the intimate Charles Brown Ice House venue on Sand Island in Bethlehem. This show is part of the Ice House Tonight series and the proceeds will benefit the Bethlehem Area Public Library.

Art that lifts you
$5.00 (suggested donation benefiting the Bethlehem Area Public Library)
Doors 6:30, show at 7:00
Event hosted by Matt Wolf

Poets: Danielle Notaro, Lisa DeVuono, Cleveland Wall, Deirdre Van Walters, and Matt Wolf

Musicians: Michael Wall, Gary Lader, B-Sides Music, Michael London

Dance: Leticia Gutievaz, Tahya Love

Each artist will have a feature set and there will be some collaboration. There is no open mic. Come ready to be inspired.

We are proud to be part of the IceHouse Tonite series.

 Tickets:  $5 Performance is held at 7:00 pm at the Charles Brown IceHouse, 56 River Road, Sand Island, Bethlehem


New Bridge DUETS show
A collaborative show inspired by the visual art of New Bridge Artists. Poets, writers, musicians and actors will each respond with their own work to a visual art piece. All work will be displayed and/or performed at the opening reception, which will be much like a "happening," with all forms of the arts being celebrated.
Sat, November 9—Sun, November 24, 2013
Antonio Salemme Foundation

542 W. Hamilton St, Suite 203,
Allentown, PA 18101

Interactive Poem written by the audience at Broken Open, Breaking Free, April 20th at the IceHouse!

I want to be with those who know secret things…

The things that help grow
The things that let us know
Those things that we are not born with, but must be taught
I want to be with those who say no secrets.

I want them to share their knowledge with me
When I discover something new I feel enlightened.
I want to help them forget those secrets

And dance dances never seen before
In the places people have forgotten
I want to grow ecstatic mystery
And move to whispers of light

I’d like to find out their “raison d’etre”
What motivates them? What’s their passion?
It changes their presence
It reminds me of how much more there is to know

The crows that hide things in their nests
Like small children who know secret things.

I want to be with those who know secret things…

Of life and love
I want to be with those who know things
Of music longing to be heard
And poems longing to be spoken.

Those who know the roots of life
And the syrupy sap flows from the fruit of the seed
That grows tall and strong
The drip of the maple sap sings back to the birds

All right armorer, make me a sword…

To pierce this heart, so cold dying from hot blood
Strong, endearing….bringing peace

A sturdy shield to protect my lord
To protect my sanity from the sins
Then fashion a scabbard lined with precious stones.

Let it flash in the sun to pierce my foe
Let the word be my sword and pierce your heart
Let my heart break open and pour out its troubles

The minute I heard my first love story....

My heart broke open in wonder and I was awash in tears and joy.
But could it happen to me in this life time?

Hmmmm time would reveal
As many stories as the stars
Love of earth, love of sky
Love for self and others uncovered
Opening to the wonder, the souls’ blossoming

I become the lead character
There was joy in my heart, and song in my voice
Bless every day for my life
Every day a love story

Competed with my other stories
Which story would I prefer?

My heart felt warm and open at the same time
And out gushed a huge YES I never knew was there, always on the lam
Running away from feelings, people, fear

I wondered what love is and then I remembered
A toad clutched in the jaws of my dog
Foaming at the mouth on the back step
A hollow clearing
Fills with the sound of night mosquitos
And you you and you
Wherever you go
It hit me, this is what life is all about!!!

Denial filled my body as I never though mine could be
Such a perfect beginning to spark anything o meaningful
A story filled with singing
A song sung so beautiful
I believe it
I wanted to live it

What is this river you want to cross?

Will you paddle with your heart?
Or break the current with a northbound caw?
My wings lift with the wind
I am the mountain soaring

Where is this river? What is this river?
I shall be singing this crossing far into the night.

Finally on my way to yes…

Maybe not the best, yet still yes
Maybe nowhere I want to go
Yet still yes
Where do I go, right or left?

After hovering on maybe all day
But never considering no
I sat on a river rock and dreamed of tea

Stare at the ocean and just dream
Of what could have been
And setting a plan in motion
I wash the sand particles from my feet
And start walking to the place
Where I can see far

With my mind clear, I can
Finally see “yes” framed
Faraway in the distance

When you bump heads with the roof…

Melt into the sky before it rains
Run between lines and skip across lanes

It may be best to watch your feet
Watch you don’t’ fall
Go in and out the window with clouds
Shout ouch and learn how to avoid it next time

But don’t hit the roof
Go out on the roof and shout and dance to forget about the bump
Tuck your chin and have a look around! Someone maybe smiling
Or you can do the holey pokey and turn yourself around you big kid

Wake up and be mindful

Because I cannot sleep…

I look out the panes of glass at the frosty field
A buck stands still
Daring me to call him a dream

I shall take a few deep breaths then scan around my body
Finding the quiet me residing, abiding
And becoming my hero
Ever opening exploring the shallows and the depths.

I try to remember to surrender the day to my highest self;
I am still on the train dreams come…
Dreams go and still I am

Breathe in breathe out with gratitude

I don’t’ want to stay folded anywhere…

Want to open my wings
I want to free my heart

Leaves, insects, lions and blossoms open to the light
The light oh the light
Diminishes the folds
I and it reminds me to let go of folding completely

I want to be open and free
I want all of me to shine forth
In the years to come it will be said we opened our heart
Nothing was there except a vast weeping love affair with

When I am folded…

The crease releases
Its mysteries and smooths to take in more
Like the iris petals
Or sorrel’s leaves
Only to eventually give out
Sit up straight and unfold
Opening the self
To new and wild experiences

I said to the wanting creature inside me…

You are enough I love you
I hope now is listening
Not all is bad

I said to the wanting creature inside me…

Keep wanting
I will feed you, I will keep you safe
You already have what you want
You must search yourself to discover it

I said to the wanting creature inside me…thank you.

Tell me what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?

Go to games that don’t get rained out!
Don’t think about it too much
Live the rest of my life to the fullest
Or jump and pray for a net
For it’s better to fall
Than never try jumping
Even though it’s hard to fall and even though jumping might mean….
I took the plunge into the deep; many a decade ago…I never landed

Do it today, do not wait
Tell me again, what is your journey?

Try and get through hope
Sing if I can
I will sleep through some
And dance my way through many lands

Pray to your hand that it reveals…

The movement of God within you.
Truth in the lines and cracks, jagged and deep,
hurting and loving the wisdom of its journey

Constant companion and grace of gifts
The self within who loves me

Your true nature, and that you can accept that self without judgment

That many things are not what they seem

The gift of patience, continuing dexterity
My creative process and helps to deepen my life’s work
The work that you will help you remember to play more, and work less

A new universe is born each moment
Rich with creative possibility, to be fulfilled

I don’t want to stay folded anywhere, because where I am folded…

I am creased, unfurled, rolled and bold and coiled and foiled
But alive finally free
Loosening and lit within
Hallelujah for the light to help my spirit shine forth
I disappear into the dark room
Of no memory beyond time
Walls, the cement, appear to wrinkle
I love, I bend, I am found
Laughing, I open my mind to an adventure
The light does not reach my enfolded parts
The shadows stretch along my limbs
I want to be open and let in the light

I said to the wanting creature inside me…what is this river you want to cross?

I want to cross the river back to my youth, it is so elusive
I wade in the waters where dragonflies ride in tandem mating as they go
Close your eyes, trust that you will be where you need to be when you are ready
The river of my thoughts is very deep
The river named fear, the current that tries to hold me back.

I said to the wanting creature inside me…what is this river you want to cross?

Why the river of no - wanting, of course, a river of no- crossing!
But cross it I must or be stuck where I am without knowing
whether or not where I am is where I belong
I will cross no matter what

Tell me what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?

Continue to share, laugh and live with my circle meeting each moment with loving abandon
Embrace the adventure with a wink and a smile
Live it, love it, and enjoy it
Empty the vessel, refill the empty vessel

Opening the heart and letting the goodness flow in
Enjoy every precious moment

And why do you tell me
I have only one?